Teeth Whitening Trays | Universal (Qty: 25)

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WSD Labs USA is excited to introduce to you our EXCLUSIVE Universal Whitening Tray. Its comfortable, innovative and multipurpose design will make this the next whitening tray to take over the market!


  • Compatible 2-in-1 design effortlessly attaches to most mini lights
  • Ideal for chair-side, take-home and tanning bed treatments
  • Crystal clear design allows light to effortlessly access surfaces of teeth
  • Comfortable, soft material contours to teeth
  • Lip shelf acts as cheek retractor, moving lips away from teeth providing excellent exposure to light
  • When used without an attached mini light, the four large holes allow customers to breathe-easy
  • Front grips offer easy tray insertion and removal
  • Interior elevated walls hold gel and tray in place during treatment
  • Store & Protect: Retainer Case Large and Custom Color Retainer Case Large
  • Only available from WSD Labs USA
  • Contact us Today for Bulk Pricing!